What is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof?

by Bowles Roofing | July 13, 2021 | Roof Replacement

We’re lucky to be blessed with great weather year-round in Florida.  Unlike other states that experience snow and extremely cold weather during the winter, roofing and other construction projects can take place at any time.  With that said, there are still issues you could face when replacing your roof in Florida.  When the time does come to replace your home’s roof Bowles will be there to assist you in determining the best roof solution for your home and budget.

What is the Ideal Weather for Your Roof Replacement?

Florida is well known for its mild winters, and we all know this is the time of year when “snowbirds” flock to the state to escape the colder weather in northern states and Canada.

Florida’s milder winters make it the ideal time to replace your roof.  Most homes incorporate asphalt shingles.  When temperatures fall below 45 degrees as they do in northern climes, asphalt shingles have issues with adhesion. That’s a problem we never face in Florida.  For that reason, winter and spring are the ideal times to replace your roof.

Replacing Your Roof in Winter and Spring Avoids Peak Season

Florida’s hurricane season, and rainy season are most prevalent in the summer months.  Hurricane season typically starts in June and ends in October.  These seasons also bring strong winds even when it isn’t from a hurricane.  For these reasons, roofers face their busiest time of the year in the spring and summer.  This is when many homes suffer damage to their roofs and homeowners discover they have leaky roofs.  If Florida suffers through a large number of hurricanes, roofing materials and available labor may also be in short supply.  This could cause delays in your roof replacement.

Winter and Spring Make it Easier to Work with Your Contractor

Because the summer and fall are such busy times for roofers, scheduling your roof replacement in the winter or spring means you will have the undivided attention of your roofing contractor.  It will also allow for some flexibility in determining the most convenient time for your roof replacement.  With that said, you may not have the luxury of choosing the time for your roof replacement.  Bowles Roofing would be honored to replace or repair your roof regardless of the time of year.  If the situation allows for it, and you can choose the time, we recommend winter or spring.

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