Tips for Christmas Decorating, Avoid Damage to Your Roof

Many of us really enjoy decorating our homes for the Christmas Holiday.  With Christmas right around the corner, we thought we’d share some helpful safety tips to avoid damaging your roof as well as yourself!

What’s the Best Time of Day to Decorate?

It might seem to make better sense to decorate your home as the light is fading.  This would allow you to see how your decorating looks as you proceed.  However, in our opinion we feel it’s best to decorate in good light.  Being able to see what’s around you will help you avoid tripping over wires.  It also will allow you to see exactly where you’re attaching lights or decorations to your home’s roof.  It’s also a good idea to check on the weather.  You don’t want to be decorating in rain or even heavy winds as it makes it more dangerous to be on ladders.

Speaking of Ladders!

Professional roofers know the value of using only quality made ladders when ascending and descending to your roof. Always make sure your ladder is in good working condition. When placing the ladder on the home, keep a good angle to avoid the ladder falling backwards.  Place the ladder on a secure flat surface.  Never place the ladder near powerlines! You can use heavy screwdrivers to brace the bottom of the ladder.  When possible, it’s always a great idea to have a helper who can steady the ladder. Also, make sure your shoes or boots have a good rubber sole.  Keep them clean of mud to avoid slipping on your ladder.

Use Reusable Fasteners

It’s never a good idea to use nails or screws when attaching decorative lights and decorations to your roof.  Your local hardware store will stock reusable fasteners or clips that won’t damage your roof. They’re easy to use and you can carry them in a tool belt for easy access. When it’s time to take down your decorations you can store them for use next Christmas.

Lastly, While You’re Up There, Inspect Your Roof

As you are installing your decorations, look around your work area.  Since you’re already at eye level with your roofline and gutters, take the time to clean your gutters of dirt and debris. Look for any damaged shingles or flashing.  Make a note of this and call or contact the roofing professionals at Bowles Roofing to make these repairs.  If you reach the point where you are more uneasy about doing your own Christmas decorating, consider hiring a professional home decorator.  While this will come with an expense, you’ll probably be more pleased with the outcome than doing it yourself.