Is My Roof Ready for Hurricane Season?

Bowles Roofing, a Tallahassee and Ocala Florida based roofing contractor since 1988 knows that while damage to roofs from hurricanes is sometimes unavoidable, there are measures a homeowner can take to minimize or eliminate damage from hurricane winds and rain.  When the time does come to replace your home’s roof Bowles will be there to assist you in determining the best roof solution for your home and budget.

Your Roof is the Primary Protection for your Home

There are many ways a home can be damaged in a severe storm or hurricane.  Windows and doors can be compromised, but the main area of stress is your roof.  Homes built recently are more likely to incorporate upgraded building practices and are more likely to withstand a major storm’s impacts.  Older homes that have not had updated roofing methods applied or retrofitted are at the greatest risk.

Why Do Roofs Fail, and is There Anything I can do Short of Replacing My Roof to Help?

There are many reasons why a roof may fail in a major storm or hurricane.  The main cause of roof failure is when the perimeter of the home/roof is compromised due to punctures and tears from debris.  When the perimeter is compromised, high winds and water will enter the building and the roof will become compromised.  Sometimes this is due to improper installation techniques or when a builder has substituted materials that are less likely to prevent perimeter damage.  We’ve seen evidence of improper nails being used rather than proper roofing nails, or straps are missing or simply weren’t installed to code.  The best way to insure your roof is in the best position possible to withstand a severe storm or hurricane is to inspect it at least once a year.  If you’re capable of safely gaining access to your roof, it’s a good idea to look it over at least once a year.  Look for areas where shingles may have become torn or frayed.  Are the corners of shingles curling up?  Are the areas around chimney’s or skylights properly sealed? Are there gaps between your guttering system and the edge of your roof line?  Remember storms bring huge amounts of water and if your gutters are loose or they are clogged preventing water from flowing away from the roof line, the water itself can build up and enter the perimeter of your roof.  Eventually this will weaken the roof line and can result in failure.  If you’re incapable of gaining access to your roof you can still inspect it from the ground.  If you are unsure, you should consult a professional inspector.  These services are affordable and provide you with a detailed overview of your roof’s condition.  This may even help with obtaining coverage from your insurance company.

Six Things to Do to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

  • Trim the trees adjacent to your house. Keeping limbs away from your roof is critical in a storm.  Branches that can “sweep” your roof in high winds can strip it of shingles allowing for further damage and water intrusion
  • Adding additional roof tie downs to your current home will increase the strength of your roof. While this is sometimes difficult to do, a qualified roof inspector or roofer can let you know if this is possible.  The cost to do this will not break the bank and provide additional strength
  • Clean your gutters and drainage pipes. Keeping water flowing away from your roof is essential in a major storm.  Installing gutter guards to keep leaves and debris from building up in your guttering is an easy and inexpensive precaution.
  • Remove any items from your yard that can become airborne in a storm. This would include yard furniture, grills, loose debris, wheelbarrows, swings, etc.  Damage to roofs from flying debris is one of the main reasons for roof failures
  • Review your insurance policy. Make sure you are properly covered for hurricane damage.  Also, check your policy for flood coverage.  Many times, it’s the flooding that follows a major storm that can cause major damage.

A Trustworthy Roofing Contractor in Ocala

Bowles Roofing is your trusted friend in the roofing business in Ocala and the surrounding area.  With over 28 years’ experience, and an A+ rating from the BBB, you can count on Bowles Roofing to provide the highest quality roof repair or replacement services for both residential and commercial roofing of all types, including shingles, flat roofs, metal and tile roofs.  We hope you never experience an emergency that requires our services, but if you should, make Bowles Roofing your first call!  Please find out more about us at